About Me

I started gaming in the late 70s when my friends and I discovered Dungeons & Dragons. Now, more than 30 years later, I’m still passionately in love with the game. Oh, I’m an enthusiastic board gamer. I’ve played a good many other pen-and-paper RPGs through the years. And I’ve gotten into my share of trouble in Azeroth. But it’s D&D that keeps me coming back again and again.

Although for most of my adult life I’ve worked as a paramedic, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for game companies twice. I worked for TSR, Inc. as a game designer and for Kenzer & Company as the organized play manager. I don’t have anything close to the publication resume as many of the venerable giants lurking in the creative places of the Web, but I’ve been to the rodeo a time or two.

To prove what a backwards person I am, I attended college at the age of 40. A few years ago I saw an article in the newspaper about nontraditional age students at the local community college. Two years later I graduated summa cum laude with an associate’s degree in computer science. I transferred to a 4-year college and two years after that graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a math minor.

I am interested in doing some more creative work on a freelance basis. So if anyone is looking for a reliable writer or editor, let me know!

One Response to About Me

  1. Dan Felder says:

    I loved your description of Revenge of the Iron Lich. I just found out about Fourth Core and I desperately want to run their adventures, especially that of the infamous Iron Lich, but I can’t find the adventure anywhere. Every place google turns up, just links back to the now-dead save versus death website. Could you PLEASE be a saint of the lawful good variety and send me the pdfs of Revenge of the Iron lich at the very least – at minimallyexceptional@gmail.com?

    You are a king of kindness and dmness.

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