Egia – Map in Progress

WARNING: Draft, work in progress

So I did some more work on my Egia map. It is far from complete, but it is starting to show some basic signs of life. As you can see, I scrapped the original continent outline that I made in favor a new one. That decision was not based on making any new decisions other than I wanted to use a different mapping style in Campaign Cartographer 3 and the easiest way to do that was just start the map from scratch, especially I hadn’t done anything but the basic outline anyway.

I will be adding some more terrain features and some more cities and towns. Keep in mind, though, that this is a continental scale map so it will only contains items significant to that scale. Once the continental map is complete, I will make more detailed regional maps.


Click on the map to view it in full size. Remember, it’s still very bare bones. I’ll add more detail in the coming days and weeks.

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